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  • Neil Dowling (right) with Ji-Young Moon and Crisjan Zöllner during the Finding Joy shoot in Berlin
  • Nils Clauss on the Senior Living shoot

About Us

Contented Films is Neil Dowling an Irish writer and director, Nils Clauss a German director and cinematographer with a background in photography and graphic design, and Namhui Park a Korean producer and writer, director who also works as a documentary film maker. Namhui has worked on a number of CONTENTed productions and her help, knowledge of, and connections within the local film community has been invaluable as has the dedication and professionalism she brings to each new project.

In addition to the core team we believe that two plus equals five which is why we also like to collaborate with great people, from actors to technicians to musicians, who through their unique talents can help us raise the bar and produce great work.